SALT stands for Simple Affective Learning Tools. SALT is used as part of a process that develops intuitive choice-making and accesses the power of insight in one's own life as well as in the public sphere.

SALT is based on field work done in the US and in Europe among artists, children and other creatives who intuitively choose successful behaviors. From Geneva, Switzerland to Minneapolis, artists, teachers, entrepeneurs and others founded an organization called The Creativity Tank out of which grew unique tools and processes. Questions developed using SALT are unique and have been referenced in texts from medical studies to corporate management. Simple Affective Learning Tools were developed around three assertions:

Change begins in chaos.

When not allowed to emerge, needed changes trigger emergenc-ies.

Specific affective media describe, define, communicate and integrate authentic change.

- L. Shores

For background information about the origin of SALT, click on the following link: Knowing Ground
The Shakuhachi recording was made in December 2003 by Joe Marty

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